passing cars.


Comment (Long)

The bike is running wonderfully. Everyone thinks DR650 when they see it, only a few discerning riders have noticed the motor.  Mileage is ok at 40+MPG, runs rich, I might swap jets which’ll increase the MPG/MPL.  Many thanks for the supportive emails and advice. A few readers have offered Twitter and FB as a place to pimp this trip. I offer that the posts will get lost in the jumble at those two places. Web-Dude is going to work on a bridge to post to everything in his spare time. (Webby, get to work!). 

Photos: This might not happen. The sole purpose of the trip is to test the motor and components under the most stressful adventure I can dream up. Words mean something and the written word seems to be lost in today’s tweet/txt laden world. I intend to bring something back to motorcyclists albeit in the form of short messages during the adventure. 

In the meantime.

Details to ponder: A nikasil type coating and slipper pistons that are oil cooled.